Benefits of the MUT System

The MUT system offers patients, physicians and hospitals/diagnostic centers a unique combination of benefits, as summarized below.

  • Very high sensitivity and specificity compared to standard breast screening modalities
  • Safe (no ionizing radiation) & frequently repeatable
  • Superior performance in women with dense breast tissue
  • Non-invasive lesion-differentiation capability
  • Color coding of composite MUT images facilitates easy and fast visual identification of likely malignant lesions by physicians
  • Comfortable, no compression or contact required
  • 3-D fixed-coordinate system for precise co-registration (allows monitoring over time & assists biopsy/staging)
  • Operator independence during the examination process

The very high sensitivity and specificity delivered by the MUT system in all types of breast tissue, including dense breast, is expected to reduce the number of unnecessary recalls and biopsies, thus relieving women from a serious source of stress and pain and at the same time saving significant cost.

The MUT system’s use of transmission ultrasound, since it is non-ionizing and does not require painful breast compression, allows for frequent and repeat scanning.  This may facilitate the initiation of screening for breast cancer at a younger age, especially in regions with a high percentage of women with dense breast tissue.

It also enables the tracking of lesion changes over time or the assessment of the effect of treatments, a capability resulting from the use of a 3D fixed-coordinate system that allows reliable image co-registration.